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Be sure to invest in the project! We earn together! High probability of making a profit, low commission.
The goal of the project is to maintain a positive value of income, the predominance of profitable transactions over unprofitable ones.

1) Funds on the account balance are managed by an automated strategy.
2) The manager controls the strategy every day, improves and optimizes the trading system.
3) The system assumes the presence of high risks, -33.8% of the deposit - the maximum stop loss (1-7% for each pair). Tangible drawdowns are possible until the percentage of used margin exceeds the minimum lot. After that, the estimated maximum drawdown is expected to be no more than 19% for each currency pair. The priority of the strategy is the preservation of capital. 1-3% margin is used for each currency pair (about 11.2% maximum).
4) At work, accumulation of traded volumes, averaging or “locking” of positions is not used.
5) At the heart of the principle of opening and closing of transactions, is the analysis of indicators of a dozen popular indicators. The manager takes an active part in the work of the scripts.
6) Expected net profit + 15.2% per year. Testing on historical data showed + 735.65% of net profit for the period 2004.03-2019.05.

Link to monitoring:
Account number: 80578047

Sincerely, Alexey Kulishov.