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Full Version: The Fast Ride from The Best Broker
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IFX Anna

International online Forex broker InstaForex Company declares new super action for traders "The Fast Ride from The Best Broker". Within the campaign the flagman of model range of the famous British automaker Lotus Cars - the up to the minute roadster of 2010 - Lotus Evora will be drawn! "The Fast Ride from The Best Broker" campaign is held from 1 June 2010 to 25 May 2012. Thus, at the beginning of summer 2012 one of the participants of the draw will receive the keys to Lotus Evora. The owner of Lotus Evora will be determined by transparent algorithm using so-called Lotus-number.

To take part in the drawing of Lotus Evora it is necessary to fulfill the main condition of the campaign - deposit not less than 1000.00 USD to your trading account with InstaForex and fill in the application at the registration page on the official website of the company. You can open as many accounts as you want with the starting deposit of $1000 and rise your chances to win!

All you need is to continue your usual work at Forex market with the best trading conditions of InstaForex Company, to gain profit and wait for lucky Lotus-number, which perhaps will make you the owner of new sport car Lotus Evora.

We remind you that the drawing of Lotus Evora within the campaign "The Fast Ride from The Best Broker" is the third car drawing within the series of contests and campaigns of InstaForex Company following the drawings of Hummer H3 and Lotus Elis.

You can look through the detailed information about the campaign terms and conditions at the campaign's page.

"The Fast Ride from The Best Broker" is held within the series of contests and campaigns of InstaForex Company with total annual prize fund more than 500 000 USD. If you are InstaForex client, you can become the owner of a part of this sum or get one of autos Lotus Evora or Lotus Elise!

Speed of trading with InstaForex, speed of movement with Lotus!
IFX Katerine
A true Lotus Fight from InstaForex!
Everyone is aware that within the framework of its campaigns InstaForex international broker is raffling the two sports cars produced by a legendary automobile brand - Lotus. Two lucky InstaForex traders will become the happy owners of these two cars within 2011-2012 period of time.

Yet, we invite you to touch these two incarnations of speed and dynamics right now in a Lotus fight arranged by InstaForex Company! This project is designed to conduct a comparative research focused on Lotus Elise and Lotus Evora. Both Lotus masterpieces are superlight speedy automobiles with Lotus Elise having all the grounds to be called extreme and extramanoeuvrable and Evora - inspiring respect with its massive shapes.

We have created for our clients Lotus Fight video showing the famous InstaForex TV anchor girls. Each of them represents one of the Lotus automobiles and ardently tries to argue that it is her car which deserves "The best" title! The video will help you to assess the characteristics of the two sports cars and make up your mind over which of them looks more aggressively, has a tougher temper and more power to manifest.

We remind you that both sports cars by the well-known British brand Lotus are the main prizes in "Win Lotus from InstaForex" and "The Fast Ride from The Best Broker" campaigns. The two sports automobiles are destined to be owned by two jammy InstaForex traders. Lotus Elise will find its exhilarated driver on May 27, 2011, while Lotus Evora will have its proprietor on May 25, 2012.

Watch the Lotus Fight video, choose between the two prizes presented and take part in unprecedented campaigns held by InstaForex. Probably, it is you who is to become an owner of one of the two cars!
IFX Yana
A Month Left before Lotus Evora Will Be Raffled Away
The international broker InstaForex happily informs you that in one month, on May 25, 2012, a long-awaited Lotus-number will be fixed. We will find out the trading account of the winner in the campaign "Fast Ride with the Best Broker", that will bring victory to its holder and a right to own a new sport car Lotus Evora.

If you have not got enrolled in the campaign "Fast Ride with the Best Broker" yet, still there is a chance to be among the prize-contestants! It's high time to register your trading account in the campaign and appear among the people willing to own a luxury car Lotus Evora manufactured by a famous British producer Lotus Cars.

If you are dreaming of a posh sport car Lotus Evora being in your garage, fund your trading account with not less than $1,000 and register in the campaign on the website of the company. The car will be presented to the owner of the account, the last five figures of which will coincide with the Lotus number. The Lotus number is formed with account of the quotes of the five major currency pairs on May 2, 2012 at 23:59. The procedure of the winner determination is absolutely transparent and one cannot predict in advance who will go home driving a new sports car Lotus Evora. However, it is possible that your account will bring you the victory! Moreover, the rules of the campaign "Fast Ride with the Best Broker" allow you to open several accounts each of which will take part in the raffle thus increasing your chance to win by several times!

Take part in the contest and win in the campaigns held by the international Forex broker InstaForex!
IFX Gertrude
Winner of Best Trading, Luxury Driving determined
In early autumn 2013 the much-anticipated Porsche number was fixed. So now we are excited to name the winner of the Best Trading, Luxury Driving campaign who will get the brand-new Porsche Cayenne by German sports car manufacturer Porsche AG.

The Porsche number was announced on September 27, 2013 at 23:59 and was 21477. It was as close as possible to the trading account number 7021469 belonging to Evgeniy Trots from Norilsk, Russia.

The terms of the Best Trading, Luxury Driving campaign suggest that the winner can choose between the main prize Porsche Cayenne and a $200,000 trading account. Having weighed all the pros and cons, Evgeniy opted for money. InstaForex congratulates Evgeniy Trots on his victory in a two year-long campaign and wishes him a fruitful forex trading with the help of the winnings!

The rest participants of Best Trading, Luxury Driving who were less lucky should not be upset about losing. Go on with other campaigns that are no less exciting − Sport Style: Porsche Cayman from InstaForex and Evora Lotus is Your Trade Bonus. The campaigns offer the chance to win Porsche Cayman and Lotus Evora.

The car prize draws Sport Style: Porsche Cayman from InstaForex and Evora Lotus is Your Trade Bonus are held within the series of InstaForex contests and campaigns with the prize pool totaling over $500,000. If you are the customer of InstaForex, you can win a premium car or share a part of this amount.

Participate and win InstaForex campaigns!
I apologize for bumping this up but does this scheme still work? I'd like to know if someone has used this recently.
IFX Yvonne
QUOTE (rourkem @ Sep 23 2014, 04:01 PM) *
I apologize for bumping this up but does this scheme still work? I'd like to know if someone has used this recently.

Dear Sir,

The contests posted above are already finished. You can check the results here.
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