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Posted by: Ekaterina Abramova Jun 9 2009, 02:23 PM

Filling up an account, fill the pockets!
Since June, 1st InstaForex Company affords an opportunity to win 1000 USD every week amid the "Chancy Deposit" campaign. The involvement does not require you to make any special efforts or refinements of the trading craft.

To obtain a chance for a win through, you just have to credit one of the InstaForex trading accounts and sign it up for the campaign. Summarizing the results of trading week among all the accounts, deposited in the period from Monday to Friday in amount not less than 3000 USD, one will be chosen as a winner in a random way.

There are no any restrictive regulations on a prize funds withdrawal.

Each deposit may turn out to be chancy!

Posted by: Anna Lukina Jun 9 2009, 04:03 PM

The first owner of a "chancy deposit"
Company InstaForex congratulates the owner of the account 90502 with the victory in the draw "Chancy deposit", which holds from June, 1 to June, 7. The sum in the amount of 1000 US dollars was deposited to the account of the winner.

We remind you that any client of InstaForex may take part in the "Chancy deposit" and win 1000 USD. For participation in the draw it is necessary to replenish an account with the sum not less than 3000 USD.

Posted by: cyberkids Jun 15 2009, 09:24 PM

QUOTE (Anna Lukina @ Jun 9 2009, 05:03 PM) *
The first owner of a "chancy deposit"
Company InstaForex congratulates the owner of the account 90502 with the victory in the draw "Chancy deposit", which holds from June, 1 to June, 7. The sum in the amount of 1000 US dollars was deposited to the account of the winner.

We remind you that any client of InstaForex may take part in the "Chancy deposit" and win 1000 USD. For participation in the draw it is necessary to replenish an account with the sum not less than 3000 USD.

lets join....go go instaforex

Posted by: Ekaterina Pobedinskaya Jun 24 2009, 04:14 PM

1000 USD goes to Malaysia
The administration of InstaForex company summed up the results for the third week of "Chancy deposit" campaign, according to them our client from Malaysia MOHD RIDZUAN BIN HAMZAH became the winner, he is the owner of the trading account 94342.

As it was during last weeks of the campaign, the prizetaker got the sum of 1000 USD deposited to his account.

Our company congratulate the winner once again and invite all customers to take part in "Chancy deposit" campaign! The only factor of participation is the necessity of replenishing your trading account in InstaForex Company with the sum not less than 3000 USD.

Posted by: forex_arabic Jun 26 2009, 06:33 AM

this guy is lucky one.. hehe..

Posted by: Ekaterina Abramova Jul 6 2009, 09:21 AM

The random prize again goes to Malaysia
During the whole month the campaign "Chancy deposit" brings in an additional income to the customers of InstaForex Company. Four random winners are already awarded with "chancy" thousand of the US dollars. We would like to announce the name of the last finalist, she is SUZANA BINTI MOHD TAHIR from Malaysia.

You still stand to win and join the awardees list. The conditions of the campaign are quite simple: you have to deposit your InstaForex trading account with funds not less than 3000 USD during the drawing week and then watch closely the company news. Who knows, maybe in the next campaign's report we will publish exactly your name!

Posted by: Anna Lukina Jul 13 2009, 01:57 PM

5000 USD are dispensed to the lucky men
Exactly half of the winners supposed by "Chancy deposit" campaign snatched their pieces of the prize funds. Exactly 5k US dollars are dispensed by InstaForex within the drawing. You can have as mush luck as MERDE BIN BUNGSU - the jackpot hitter chose by Fortune as the gainer of the campaign. The whole 5 drawing weeks are to come. There are 5 another chances to fill your pockets with weighty sum of 1000 USD.

What should you do for that? You simply need to your InstaForex trading account with 3k USD and keep usual work at the currency market.

Posted by: Ekaterina Pobedinskaya Jul 16 2009, 04:48 PM

Next 1000 US Dollars are raffled
Where else can you gain 1000 USD just depositing your trading account with 3000 US dollars? InstaForex currency exchange broker gives you this chance. Take part in "Chancy deposit" campaign and maybe your deposit will bring you good luck!

We also congratulate our customer ABDUL AZIZ BIN ABDUL RAHMAN, who is the winner of the last week drawing. Withdrawable prize will be transferred to his real account as soon as he sends the ID's copy.

Posted by: Ekaterina Abramova Aug 19 2009, 01:41 PM

The winner of the week
The administration of "Chancy deposit" campaign congratulates the trader from Malaysia YONG AHMAD BIN ZAINALl ABIDIN, his trading account 57497 became a lucky one this week.

The campaign has already been holding for three months. During this time 10000 USD has been raffled. You have more than one week to take part in this campaign and to check up you luck.

The conditions of this campaign are rather simple: you only have to replenish your trading account in InstaForex Company with the sum not less than 3000 USD during the campaign's week and keep an eye on company's news. Who knows may be the following report about the winner will contain you name!

Posted by: Anna Lukina Aug 24 2009, 06:03 PM

The random winner of the last week
Replenishing his trading account with amount more than 3k US dollars during the period since August 17, 2009 till August 21, 2009, the client of InstaForex Company became the random winner of the weekly lottery "Chancy Deposit". We heartily congratulate KAMAROZAMAN BIN DAUD, the holder of the real account 105203 with his good luck!

Absolutely everyone can take part in the drawing. You just have to meet the campaign’s condition which you can learn about at the "Chancy Deposit"

If you are still not InstaForex client, hurry up to and participate in our contests with the total prize fund 250000 USD.

Posted by: Ekaterina Abramova Aug 27 2009, 02:20 PM

Next USD 1000 prizetaker
Last week Fortune chose the trading account 99899. Its holder ROSLAN BIN ABDULLAH from Malaysia will be awarded by the administration of "Chancy deposit" drawing, which is held by InstaForex Companies Group in the framework of the contests series with the total prize fund of USD 250000.

Posted by: InstaChina Aug 28 2009, 05:54 AM

Congretulations to ROSLAN BIN ABDULLAH! smile.gif

Posted by: Ekaterina Abramova Sep 4 2009, 06:14 PM

"Chancy deposit" prize-gainer
With great pleasure we promulgate the winner's name of "Chancy deposit" campaign by InstaForex Company. Congratulations to the customer from Malaysia, the holder of account 106070 CIK WAN BINTI YAHAYA with becoming the owner of prize USD 1000.

More details about the drawing conditions -

Posted by: Anna Lukina Sep 11 2009, 04:00 PM

Become richer by 1000 USD with InstaForex!
Next lucky-guy whose trading account #108603 will be credited with prize 1000 US dollars by InstaForex Company, is NICKCHORIO from Indonesia. We send our compliments to the participant of "Chancy deposit" drawing and invite every holder of live account with InstaForex to try his/her fate in our weekly lottery.

Click to get acquainted with the campaign's conditions.

Posted by: Ekaterina Pobedinskaya Sep 21 2009, 01:45 PM

Weekly drawing of 1 thousand USD!
New prizegainer is determined within the weekly lottery "Chancy deposit" held by InstaForex Companies Group. With great pleasure we congratulate the owner of trading account 103287 SHARIFFUDIN BIN MAT YUNUS with the victory!

We remind you, that absolutely every client of InstaForex Company can take part in "Chancy deposit" campaign. To become a participant you have to deposit not less than 3k USD to your trading account. The winner of the drawing is determined randomly, so all players have equal chances to win.

Posted by: Ekaterina Abramova Sep 29 2009, 09:21 AM

We announce the names of the winners for two weeks at once!
With the great pleasure InstaForex Company makes public the holders of "Chancy deposit" in amount of 1000 USD for two weeks. The winner of the drawing, which was held since September 14 till September 20, is trader MD NOOR BIN BAKAR with account 105536. The second owner of one thousand US dollars for the last week of September (September 20 - 27) is the holder of trading account 112120 ZAKARIA BIN CHE OTHMAN.

InstaForex offers these two clients congratulations on the winning and wishes good luck all the lottery's participants!

Posted by: Anna Lukina Oct 9 2009, 11:27 AM

New owner of "chancy deposit"
Company enriched the next client with 1000 USD within the weekly drawing - "Chancy deposit". Account 109650 will be credited with the nice addition to the deposit after its holder ZAIMON SAMAN (a trader from Malaysia) sends his national ID to the contest administration by e-mail. We remind, that withdrawing of "Chancy deposit" prize is not limited.

You can learn of detailed info by visiting the of the drawing or asking a question via e-mail (

Posted by: Ekaterina Abramova Oct 22 2009, 04:35 PM

InstaForex gifted over 20.000 US dollars within "Chancy deposit" campaign
We have held more than 20 weekly drawings within "Chancy deposit" campaign. Thus, for today the total amount of the given prizes is 21.000 USD! We remind you, the chancy deposit can be withdrawn without any restrictions.

We also would like to send our congratulations to the latest prize-takers! The owner of the chancy deposit for the period since October, 5 till October, 11 is a client from Malaysia NOR AZLINA BINTI MD HUSSEIN @ MUSTAPHA, her prize funds will be credited to account 115035. Her compatriot WAN SARMIZI BIN WAN IBRAHIM, 111464 account holder, has become the winner of the last week (12th - 18th of October).

If you pretend to win in the next lottery, just replenish your trading account with not less than 3k USD and believe in your Fortune! to read the drawing details.

Posted by: Ekaterina Pobedinskaya Nov 13 2009, 07:17 PM

1000 US dollars have found its owner
Next time money comes to pretty lady within the frame of "Chancy deposit" campaign. This points to the fact that the percentage of female-traders among InstaForex clients permanently increases. We warmly congratulate our winner MURNI BINTI ABDUL SALIM (account number 118659) from Malaysia on her victory! Hope, she will find a use for her prize 1000 USD and invest them Forex trading.

You can also be in luck, if you are InstaForex client and your account is replenished with not less than 3000 USD. We remind you, that you can withdraw "Chancy deposit" prize without any restrictions.

Posted by: Evgeniy Staroviborny Nov 25 2009, 01:01 PM

Who hit the jackpot?
2 the most successful InstaForex clients were gifted by 1000 USD each. For the period 11.16 - 11.22.2009 "Chancy deposit" winner was trader from Malaysia TENGKU MOHAMAD KASAFI BIN TG ISMAIL, the participant's account number was 113447.

For the first time within the drawing, prize was gained by a client form Nigeria. We congratulate the owner of account #97418 NWOKORO CLETUS IKECHUKWU on a victory for the second week of November.

Posted by: IFX Anna Jan 19 2010, 10:54 AM

"Chancy deposit" winners for 4 weeks
Winnings in "Chancy deposit" the weekly drawing by InstaForex became a pleasant holiday gift for our four lucky clients. By the results of the lottery, the next real accounts holders became prize-gainers:

December 14 - 20, 2009 - SAIDI SALIM, account 130603, Malaysia;
December 21 - 27, 2009 - ROSHDAN BIN MOHAMMED @ ASMAWI, account 133819, Malaysia;
December 28, 2009 - January 3, 2010 - MOHD KHAIRUL FAHMI UZIP, account 134181, Malaysia;
January 4 - 10, 2010 - ISMAIL BIN MONTAK, account 130275, Malaysia.

Each prize-taker will get 1000 USD from
InstaForex Company. We send our congratulations to the winners and wish a good luck to all clients in the next drawings![/color]

Posted by: IFX Katerine Feb 9 2010, 02:53 PM

3000 US dollars have forund their owners
InstaForex Company keeps holding of "Chancy Deposit" weekly drawing series. Each client, deposited a trading account with not less than 3000 USD automatically becomes the lottery's participant and contender for a prize in size of 1000 USD. A list of the last winners is below.

January 11 - 17 - MOHD HUSEIN BIN MOHAMED GHOUSE, account 108513, Malaysia;
January 18 - 24 - AZMAN BIN IBRAHIM, account 137015, Malaysia;
January 25 - 31 - CHAN CHOON FOONG, account 137327, Malaysia.

InstaForex warmly congratulates three winners and invites all traders who are interested in to take part in the campaign!

Posted by: IFX Kirill Feb 15 2010, 02:43 PM

The contest for sluggards
It is always pleasant to get prizes, but it does not always happen, that you have free time and forces to take part in a contest. Specially for the laziest clients InstaForex Company holds weekly drawing of one thousand US dollars. If you are a client of InstaForex and the total sum of your deposits is 3000 USD or more, you become a participant of "Chancy Deposit" lottery automatically. Dare and maybe you will be as lucky as our winner for the first February week. It was MUHHAMAD MUZAMIL from Malaysia, the owner of account 39095.

InstaForex contests and campaigns administration sends congratulations to the new holder of the "chancy deposit" and wish a good luck to all clients in coming drawings!

Posted by: IFX Katerine Feb 20 2010, 03:23 PM

Who was the luckiest at the last week?
One more InstaForex client has become richer by 1000 USD at the last week, applying no forces. "Chancy Deposit" drawing winner for February 8 - 12 is MULIOTOH KALIMAN GARIMAN, the holder of real account #140372.

If you would like to try your fortune and take part in "Chancy Deposit" campaign, the total sum of your deposits during a week must be not less than 3000 USD. Who knows, maybe, we will announce your name as a winner of the next week?

Posted by: IFX Katie Feb 27 2010, 12:25 PM

Who's got the chancy deposit?
We are glad to announce, that "Chancy Deposit" drawing results are summed up. InstaForex Company has made one more client a little bit luckier: according to the campaign's results, the holder of trading account #110382 CHIEW SOON MEW has become the winner for the last week. 1000 US dollars will be credited to his account as the prize.

InstaForex warmly congratulates the winner and wishes glorious victories in coming drawings to other clients!

Posted by: IFX Kirill Mar 15 2010, 05:04 PM

"Chancy deposit" - fast buck!
InstaForex Company has summarized the results of drawing "Chancy deposit" for the last couple of weeks. This time two traders from Malaysia hit the jackpot. At the end of the last February week, 1000 USD was won by SAYIDATULl AKMALl BINTI MOHD ISMAIL, the holder of trading account 137272. The results of the first week in March made a winner MUHAMMAD LUTHFIL HAKIM BIN MOHD AZRAI with account number 7023419.

InstaForex Company whole-heartedly congratulates two lucky winners and wishes all its clients to turn the trick gaining easy money.

Posted by: IFX Anna Apr 22 2010, 04:32 PM

InstaForex gives occasion for happiness!
The results of "Chancy deposit" have brought to light the luckiest persons among InstaForex clients. Accoding to the lottery's totals, the following real accounts holders became the winners of USD 1000:

8 - 14.03 - AZIZAH ABU BAKAR, 106273
15 - 21.03 - MOHD DAMREZA BIN MAT DAUD, 143620
29.03 - 4.04 - MUHAMAD THAQIB BIN MOHD ISA, 135450

The drawing's administration sends the warmest congratulations to all the winners and reminds, that every client of the company is able to try his/her luck! Replenish your trading account with USD 3000 and maybe your deposit will become chancy!

Posted by: IFX Yana Feb 3 2011, 12:43 PM

"Chancy Deposit": luck test is accomplished!
Now it is time to remind about the weekly lottery "Chancy Dposit" where every client takes part automatically putting 3000 USD into account during the week. So, who is such a fortunate soul obtained 1000 USD? Drum-roll...and the winner for January 17-23 is the holder of account number 7093375 Jefferi Bin Sakedan from Malasyia.

We congratulate the happy owner of money prize and invite all clients to participate in the next contest "Chancy Dposit" from InstaForex Company!

Posted by: IFX Kseniya Feb 3 2011, 12:53 PM

A taste of luck with InstaForex!
InstaForex "Chancy deposit" weekly drawing of USD 1000 is going on! Last week Lady Luck felt like favouring the owner of 216162 trading account, a trader from Indonesia Muhamad Najib.

We heartily congratulate a jammy client and invite other traders to test their luck in the drawing! If this week all your deposits amount to USD 3000, you will be automatically enrolled for participating in the campaign and will have a pleasing present from InstaForex Company credited to your trading account.

Posted by: IFX Katerine Feb 10 2011, 05:42 PM

"Chancy Deposit" - give yourself a treat with InstaForex!
Weekly draw "Chancy Deposit" is going forward at a steady gait! The number of participants grows, and the excitement grows along with it. This week we are happy to announce another winner of a 1000 USD bonus: it is Mazli Bin Mokhtar (Malaysia), the owner of trading account #218544 .

On the behalf of all InstaForex Company crew we congratulate the prize winner! Let us look forward to the new results of the next week! Hit the jackpot with us!

Posted by: IFX Alexandra Feb 16 2011, 11:01 AM

Chancy deposit: Lady Luck has made its choice!
A draw - is a great opportunity to test your luck! InstaForex Company provides its clients replenished their trading accounts with more than USD 3000 with such an opportunity. Last week the darling of luck was Konstantin Y. Logashin, the owner of account #5003978.

We sincerely congratulate the winner on this victory and invite everyone to take part in "Chancy Deposit" weekly draw held by InstaForex Company!

Posted by: IFX Yana Feb 25 2011, 05:25 PM

Chancy traders - сhancy deposits!
The time has come to sum up the totals of weekly prize draw "Chancy Deposit" of arranged by InstaForex Company. This time a happy prize winner has become Susie Lotherington from Great Britain, holder of the trading account No.7065837.

InstaForex Company congratulates the winner wholeheartedly and invites everybody to try the luck in the next drawing! Don't miss your chance: become the next lucky trader together with InstaForex!

Posted by: IFX Kseniya Mar 3 2011, 05:12 PM

"Chancy deposit": taste the luck!
It is always pleasant to be awarded for your work, be it a payment for the job done, a bonus for overtime or a prize for the victory over your rivals. But it is twice more pleasant when money comes like a bolt from the blue and you have made no effort to earn it! This is what happens every week with one of InstaForex Company clients, chosen by Lady Fortune to become a winner of "Chancy Deposit" campaign. Last week the lucky one to win $1000 from InstaForex Company was Cheah Li Ling from Malaysia, owner of trading account №5002582.

All luck hunters are welcome to enter our next draw : let your money taste like luck!

Posted by: IFX Katerine Mar 9 2011, 04:51 PM

"Chancy Deposit": It's So Easy to Become Happy!
InstaForex Company is glad to announce the results of a weekly drawing "Chancy Deposit", held among real trading accounts, that were replenished with 3,000 USD. Who appeared atop the waves of luck this time? We would like to congratulate a new lucky guy - Vyacheslav A. Blednykh (the Ukraine) - the owner of the trading account 211022.

Loud applause to honor the winner! Next week it can be you who will try walking in his shoes! Do it! 1000 USD is at stake!

Posted by: IFX Alexandra Mar 16 2011, 06:16 PM

"Chancy Deposit": Beleive In Wonders!
Many people stop beleiving in future at early age being confident in hard work as a recipe for success. But the result only matters - reward and joy felt when achieving the target! This week InstaForex Company congratulates the new winner of drawing "Chancy Deposit", - his name is Phe Tjiu Hai from Indonesia, trading account No.7095144.

Join the campaign in the current week, beleive in luck and wonders - and success will accompany you!

Posted by: IFX Denis Mar 24 2011, 06:11 PM

The luck is looking for its owner. Reward - $1000.
For each person the word "luck" has a different meaning. For a fisherman the luck comes as unexpected huge catch. For an astronomer - it can be a sudden discovery of a new star. For a trader - it is a surprising earnings boost exceeding the most courageous hopes. But there can be hardly found such traders hoping for a luck in the form of getting USD1000 increase of their profit absolutely by chance, as well as there is no fisherman hoping to catch a sword fish in a small lake near home, if certainly, he is not insane.

InstaForex Company is ready to announce that it is not needed to be insane to beleive in an increditable luck and brings to your attention a new winner of "Chancy Deposit" drawing - his name is Kamarulzaman Jamil, holder of account No.1004506.

Join the current week campaign - make a step towards YOUR luck!

Posted by: IFX Katerine Apr 2 2011, 03:59 PM

"Chancy Deposit": Join the Lucky Ones!
Every week each InstaForex Company client has a unique opportunity to join the ranks of lucky ones. What does it take? - Literally nothing! Analysis, formulas, calculations - throw it away. Simply deposit your trading account for $3000 and become a participant of "Chancy deposit" campaign with weekly prize fund of $1000!

Last week the valuable prize from InstaForex Company went to Surjit Potsangbam (trading account №7109388). We are happy to congratulate the winner and invite all traders to join the next draw!

Posted by: IFX Yana Apr 7 2011, 05:19 PM

"Chancy Deposit": Get Rest Being Best!
Each of us spends so many forces and time for work! But there is no other way: a wish to live in plenty requires a hard work despite the tiredness. It would be so great to give up all duties and fuss, relieve the stresses, ease the tension and have a few days rest! Think about it, probably you'll be lucky to earn making the things you like?! For this purpose you just have to take part in the weekly drawing of 1000 USD within "Chancy Deposit" campaign from InstaForex Company. Last week the luck was favorable to Maxim A. Morgachev (Russia), holder of trading account No.5008548. Accept our sincere congratulations!

Join the contest "Chancy Deposit" - give yourself an off day gaining a good reward!

Posted by: IFX Kseniya Apr 14 2011, 04:00 PM

"Chancy Deposit": the Impossible Is Possible!
Perhaps, any person who has ever bought a lottery ticket, especially being a young man, desired to get money back for unlucky ticket, knowing that it is impossible. InstaForex Company cannot lose the opportunity to surprise its clients and says: "It’s possible!". Taking part in an extraordinary drawing - "Chancy Deposit" - you have a chance to win one thousand US dollars without any risk of losing the deposit in case the luck turns away from you.

Don’t believe it? Ask Wintarko Gunawan from Indonesia, the owner of a trading account 221049, because he became the winner of "Chancy Deposit" campaign last week. Our congratulations to him!

So don't lose your opportunity to win the next "Chancy Deposit" lottery and having no risk get one thousand US dollars!

Posted by: IFX Alexandra Apr 20 2011, 04:10 PM

"Chancy deposit": Gain From Your Luck!
How often do you buy a lottery ticket or take part in different drawings and campaigns where your victory depends on your luckiness? Or you think that winning of a good prize is something beyond possibilities? Join "Chancy deposit" campaign by InstaForex Company and we will break this absurd stereotype! Last week the Lady Luck smiled to the company's client Mas Hafizulhilmi Agus Ab. Rahman from Malaysia. His trading account number is №5001287.

There is no need in physical or intellectual efforts for participating in this campaign! Rely upon your luck and InstaForex Company!

Join the contest "Chancy Deposit" - give yourself an off day gaining a good reward!

Posted by: IFX Denis Apr 28 2011, 04:24 PM

"Chancy deposit": Presents with No Reason!
Anybody likes holidays from the period of childhood because taking and granting presents is very pleasant! Unfortunately, within the flow of workdays and important affairs holidays seem to be rare events. InstaForex Company is against the presents on schedule! This week we congratulate Oksana Konobasova from Kazakhstan with trading account 7046930 which was randomly chosen as a winner of "Chancy Deposit" campaign.

Join other participants for the drawing which is held every week. Every day can be the holiday - everything is in our hands!

Posted by: IFX Alexandra May 12 2011, 02:35 PM

"Chancy deposit": Fast Train to Your Goal!
One thousand US dollars. "New audio system!" - any car fan says. "Dishwasher!" - his wife objects. "One hundred thousand dollars!" - real trader exclaims!

InstaForex Company invites everyone to participate in the favorite contest for many traders - "Chancy deposit". The drawing obeys the fortune’s choice of a trader who's capital will strengthen by one thousand US dollars opening new prospects of Forex market trading.

Let's welcome and congratulate a new winner of the campaign - Aleksandr Dokshin (Russia), the owner of 5024084 trading account.

Ask yourself: what is your aim on Forex market? It is undoubtedly a silly question because the answer is obvious - large profit! So join the next step of "Chancy deposit" campaign and it is quite possible that the result of you partaking in it will turn out to be the fast train to your goal!

Posted by: IFX Kseniya May 23 2011, 03:53 PM

"Chancy Deposit": Just Make a Step Forward!
The idea of a lottery can be expressed in one sentence: "the chance to win will slightly increase if you actually buy a lottery ticket". Fullfil the only condition of the campaign "Chancy Deposit" by InstaForex and take part in the unprecedented draw of $1,000. Keep in mind, that no additional expenditures are required on your part: upload your account and trade as always, and you can get a very pleasant bonus added to your deposit! And now find out the most important information: today his "lucky lottery ticket" gets Mohd Eiwan Azamuddin Bin Mohd Najib, the owner of the trading account №239026 in InstaForex.

Luck matters much for winning in the lottery, however, one does not need to neglect it: the first step forward is always yours! Just take part in the campaign "Chancy Deposit" and get your amazing prizes!

Posted by: IFX Yana Jun 3 2011, 01:57 PM

Chancy Deposit: Funded your account? - Get the prize!
The number of traders whom InstaForex Company makes happy is growing from day to day. Last month was also rich in presents: Morteza Dezhamfard from Iran (trading account 1024981) and Eduard Suvorov (Russia), the owner of 1010315 trading account became the winners of the weekly campaign - "Chancy Deposit" for May 16 - 22 and May 23 - 29 respectively.

Everyone can get shortlisted for the main prize of the campaign: replenish your account at the amount of not less than $3000 and become a happy owner of a chancy deposit of $1000. Who dares wins!

Posted by: IFX Katerine Jun 9 2011, 03:41 PM

"Chancy deposit": More Happy Moments!
Happiness is a many-sided notion. There are many things in life that bring joy and make a person happier. The question is how long this person stays in the state of euphoria? Having won "Chancy deposit" lottery from InstaForex a person would definitely become happy! It might not be for long, but you can prolong the happy moment be by using the prize for pleasant time spending - trading! This time InstaForex brought a little happiness to a trader from Nigeria, Ogbunamiri Ugomma Chika, owner of trading account №7128524 that won $1000 this week.

Participate in "Chancy deposit" lottery, get pleasant prizes and enjoy happy moments of your life!

Posted by: IFX Denis Jun 15 2011, 10:51 AM

"Chancy Deposit": Go Forth and Do Great Things!
Everybody wishes to attain success, conquer the peak and realize ambitions. Everybody wants to be an example and win the recognition of soul mates. However, sometimes we lack energy, time, inspiration and resources. We are against the lost opportunities! We want the prize gained in the fascinating drawing - "Chancy Deposit" by InstaForex Company to help you to bring your wishes to life! We are glad to introduce Victor Konstantinov, the owner of account 5030128 who became the lucky winner of $1000. We congratulate Victor and wish him all the best!

Join "Chancy Deposit" lottery! Dare to do the great things and we will help you!

Posted by: IFX Kseniya Jun 23 2011, 10:21 AM

"Chancy Deposit": It Is So Easy to Give A Smile!
Smiling is the most wonderful and kind human emotion! Does it take much to make one smile? Sun, sea, flowers, close people or pleasant words - this list is pretty much endless. And what makes you smile? We cannot ask each of our clients, but today we know for sure that Parameswary M.Govindarajoo, owner of trading account №7076395 will smile sincerely as he is the winner of weekly lottery by InstaForex Company!

We invite all of you to test your luck in "Chancy Deposit" campaign! Take and give smiles, and the world will become a better place!

Posted by: IFX Yana Jul 1 2011, 07:20 AM

"Chancy Deposit": Take Your Time!
Looking at the central street of the city you can see a great number of high-stressed and busy people. Many of them even have no time to make a deep breath, watch over a virtuosic game of sun rays with trees' crowns and listen to signing of light-hearted birds. Let us take our time in an endless flow of affairs, tasks, formulas and calculations! Perhaps, for that few minutes something bright and good will happen. With this appeal we want to gladden without any officiality and seriousness together with another winner of all-honored lottery by InstaForex Company, his name is Eduard A.Valuev from Ukraine, trading account №1015889. We congratulate him and wish a lot of simple life enjoyments which you can get during just one pause.

Try your fortune in the drawing "Chancy Deposit"! Probably, the winning joy will be the most striking and pleasant moment of mixed week!

Posted by: IFX Alexandra Jul 22 2011, 05:17 PM

"Chancy deposit": Thank You for Trading with Us!
A company does not exist without customers. Your opinion, your appreciation and satisfaction inspire the company to develop providing more and more comfortable conditions which help traders to perfect their skills and realize their ambitions. We make all these efforts in order to arrange convenient terms for you to earn and enjoy currency trading! So the weekly campaign by InstaForex was created for making at least one trader even more happier. We present new winners of "Chancy Deposit" campaign - Martin Simek from Czech Republic , the owner of account 5026971, and Pandian from India (trading account 274692). We congratulate you on the victory and wish you the best of luck!

Dear clients, we work for all of you! The company’s power is increasing number of satisfied customers!

Posted by: IFX Katerine Jul 28 2011, 09:51 AM

"Chancy deposit": Indulge Yourself in Idleness!
The society seems to be always critical of lazyness. It is considered to be human foible, vice and often dispraised. But is it a sin to spend an evening in front of the TV set or get dissolved in reverie after a busy day? What if this particular moment turned out to be glorious for you and you were announced to have won the lottery by InstaForex Company. This is exactly what happened to Mohd Mansor Bin Ismail - the owner of the account №7130032. He was granted a prize of USD 1000! We heartily congratulate the jammy fellow and wish him carry on enjoying relaxation time after time. These sweet moments may bring you luck!

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"Chancy Deposit": Believe in Luck!
The meaning of the word "luck" is different for every person. For a student luck is a favorable question at the exam. For a trader luck is unexpected profit exceeding the highest expectations! However, there is hardly a trader who hopes for luck to increase his balance by $1000 just as there is hardly a scientist who hopes to make a revolution in science unless he is crazy. InstaForex Company over and over again proves that you do not need to be an odd man to believe in a great luck and the proof of these words is "Chancy Deposit" campaign winner - Mohd Mansor Bin Ismail from Slovakia, the owner of trading account 1047723!

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"Chancy deposit": Have A Rest!
Is your goal to become a successful trader constantly perfecting your trading skills? Do you trade day and night paying attention to the details of your trading strategy? Do you spare no effort to struggle for the profit? How long ago did you have a rest? InstaForex Company recommends not to forget about your leisure! Have a rest and accept a gift of the destiny as Stanislav Vladimirov from Kazakhstan did! He is the owner of trading account 5027956 that won the "Chancy deposit" lucky lottery!

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"Chancy deposit": New Week - New Gain!
Every week InstaForex Company sums up the results of the campaign. And every week most traders get disappointed when fail to find their names in the list of winners. Now we are ready to make one more trader happy. This time the winner of the weekly campaign "Chancy Deposit" is Meike Fatimah from Indonesia, the owner of a trading account 1040382! We sincerely congratulate you on the victory and wish you to be this lucky forever!

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"Chancy Deposit": A Sign of Luck!
All traders know that Forex trading has certain financial risks that would be better minimized. For that purpose they read special literature, visit seminars and practice trading for many years to work out the most efficient strategies.

InstaForex Company fully recognizes traders' concerns and gives them a helping hand. Every week the company convenes a popular "Chancy Deposit" campaign, and every week the luck turns to one trader and graces him one thousand dollars! Meet a lucky winner of last week: Andrey Ruchkunov (Russia), account 1036756. Mr. Ruchkunov, please accept our warmest greetings! Take part in the "Chancy Deposit" campaign and give your luck a sign!

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"Chancy Deposit": A Pleasant Surprise!
Every day is full of different events, such as work, leisure time, travelling, meetings and many others, that enrich our life. InstaForex Company is against sameness! We would like to provide every customer with presents, pleasure and cheerful mood! Join us in congratulating lucky traders who won September "Chancy Deposit" weekly contests:

29 August- 4 September: 277737 - Sergey Makhleev (Russia)
5-11 September: 7136251 - Hamsisuganya (India)
12-18 September: 7117853 - Stephen Riley (Great Britain)
19-25 September: 1059765 - Sri Nur Baizad Binti Basharuddin (Malaysia)
26 September- 2 October: 5040644 - Sittisat Thirathanachot (Thailand)

We warmly congratulate the winners with the victory! May the Fortune always favour you! Take part InstaForex Company contests and color your life with splendid victories!

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"Chancy Deposit": Towards Risk and Adventure!
For many people a loss fear is a stronger motivator than winning desire. Unfortunately, this fear gives no peace to our luck, if we are carried away with this fear completely. A piece of risk would bring some flavour of adventure into your life and incraese your chance for success much. Give a try to your fortune with InstaForex Company joining a weekly lottery "Chancy Deposit"! 1000 dollars are waiting for somebody's trading account!

Here is the list of company's luck catchers:

October 3 - 9: 1071365 - Susanti Efendy (Indonesia)
October 10 - 16: 7130821 - Anna Batenko (Ukraine)
October 17 - 23 : 5060315 - Jiri Fojt (Czech Republic)
October 24 - 30: 7117824 - Mahdiyar Hedayati (Iran)

We congratulate you whole-heartedly! Run the venture and go great guns!

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"Chancy Deposit": Drag Your Luck in!
There are people who are destined to be lucky in everyday life as well as in big affairs. They manage to avoid exhausting shopping, as needed thing always comes at a right time and at a right place and price. Going to work in jamming they can meet their lifelong sweetheart, while others await this moment for years applying to lonely hearts websites or dating agencies. And even if they do not turn in an expense account on time the director does not admonish and deprive them of a bonus, because exactly that day he is in a good mood.

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October 31 - November 6: 5051740 - Md. Shariful Islam (Bangladesh)
November 7 - 13: 5071574 - Anatoly Golovin (Russia)
November 14 - 20: 1081508 - Mohammad Aschab Firdaus (Indonesia)
November 21 - 27: 7162852 - Ir Hendra Wirawan Sh (Indonesia)

We congratulate all the prize takers! May good success always attend you!

Posted by: IFX Alexandra Feb 8 2012, 03:47 PM

Chancy Deposit: Riding The Waves of Success!
InstaForex customers ride the waves of charts and prices like professional surfers. Longing for an energy surge, they hunt the most drastic fluctuations and make the most of them. Traders do it again and again, perfecting their technique and demonstrating better results each time. Some of them struggle with each other, while others prefer calm trading reckoning to be favoured by Fortuna. The Chancy Deposit campaign is a great chance for everyone to try their luck, yet trading on live accounts. And now it is time to learn the names of happy campaign winners:

January 2 - 8: 1092459 - I Wayan Kardiada (Indonesia)
January 9 - 15: 2020361 - Jozef Stiga (Slovakia)
January 16 - 22: 1097770 - Salmah Binti Abdullah (Malaysia)
January 23 - 29: 7181305 - Viktor Novikov (Russia)

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