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Posted by: YDAF Jun 24 2019, 03:09 PM


I would like to ask about the contest Rally fx on 7/6/2019 ( Why my account was disqualified (Account No. 67837233

Please respond quickly


Unfortunately, your contest account was disqualified due to the results of the final check. The reason for disqualification is failure to comply with the clause 5.7 of contest rules:
“The Organizer reserves the right to decline the Participant's registration request without reasoning and disqualify the Participant, either during the Contest or after it has finished, upon direct or indirect evidence of attempted fraudulent operations with the prize funds.”

We are sorry for inconvenience.

Thank you for participation and good luck.

Best regards,
Contests and Campaigns Administration
InstaForex Companies Group
Manipulating the results of the competition from your company is a recurring matter and there is always no response except item No. 5.7
You are weaker than the explicit answer and do not treat everyone with the same treatment and you are more than a similar position.

the clause 5.7 of contest rules

That's what we get

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