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Posted by: Anna Lukina Sep 15 2009, 10:06 AM

Beauty contest by InstaForex company
InstaForex company is glad to inform you about its new project - Miss Insta Asia. Project Miss Insta Asia is a beuty contest which does not have analogues in the global net. This contest is absolutely open as for potential participants so for users who will leave votes for girls. The target audience of the contest is citizens of the Asian region. However, this does not mean that only Asian women may participate in the contest. We will be glad if girls and women from different parts of the world will take part in the contest.

Besides, project Miss Insta Asia has a goal to attract more traders and try the best trading conditions of the international broker InstaForex by means of so beautiful and intriguing project.

The prize fund of the contest is $30,000. The contest will be holding till September 1st,2010.

If you are a citizen of one of the 49 Asian countries test your beauty force in the contest Miss Insta Asia.

InstaForex company invites girls and women to take part in the contest and wish good luck to everybody.

Learn more about the contest Miss Insta Asia and register in the contest as a participant or user you may at the

Posted by: Ekaterina Abramova Oct 8 2009, 10:13 AM

The first Malaysian participants of Miss Insta Asia contest
A bit more than a month has passed after the start-up of Miss Insta Asia beauty contest. During this period 20 girls have become the contest participants presenting different parts of the world. The number of pretendants to Miss Insta Asia title increases daily. The rivalry improves, mistifying the competitors, as well as voting users of the beauty contest website.

We proudly announce that the first participants from Malaysia have signed up for Miss Insta Asia contest. Besides, one of them has managed to become a leader of the current rating for a few days of participation.

We congratulate the girls on successful beginning in Miss Insta Asia contest and invite all the ladies to take part in the most unordinary beauty contest. Worth mentioning that all InstaForex clients have a privileged opportunity to vote for participants they like.

Familiarize yourself with the contest rules and the current rating at the of Miss Insta Asia contest.

Posted by: dorin Nov 13 2009, 05:17 PM

there so many nice girls already.. i afraid, i have small chances to win. and their rating is also high already..
please, advice.. if i can register laugh.gif

Posted by: Ekaterina Pobedinskaya Nov 16 2009, 11:20 AM

The contest will last the whole year. So you will have enough time to surpass other participants in the number of votes.
Also there are some ways to increase your chances to win, if you are InstaForex client. See details

Posted by: yoshi Nov 16 2009, 06:10 PM

Its crying injustice! so beautiful girl's rating is zero.. (Lilya
if i could vote i would give my vote to her... rolleyes.gif

Posted by: yoshi Nov 16 2009, 06:12 PM

by the way, the administration must make girls specifying their phone number while regestering... biggrin.gif

Posted by: Ekaterina Pobedinskaya Nov 17 2009, 10:42 AM

QUOTE (yoshi @ Nov 16 2009, 08:10 PM) *
Its crying injustice! so beautiful girl's rating is zero.. (Lilya
if i could vote i would give my vote to her... rolleyes.gif

What does prevent you to vote for this participant? wink.gif

Posted by: Ekaterina Abramova Nov 17 2009, 10:48 AM

QUOTE (yoshi @ Nov 16 2009, 08:12 PM) *
by the way, the administration must make girls specifying their phone number while regestering... biggrin.gif

Unfortunately, this is personal information.

Posted by: IFX Katie Dec 23 2009, 07:47 PM

More than 50 girls have become the participants of "Miss Insta Asia"
The expiring year was marked by starting up the greatest online beauty contest "Miss Insta Asia". During the last few months, the contest has become a popular project, where the girls from all over the world may participate in the intriguing competition in which no one loses.

More than 50 girls representing different places of the Earth from Indonesia to Latvia have already become the participants of the contest. Every day the rivalry is becoming more intense, but the unquestionable fact is that the leading positions are taken up by the participants from Malaysia.

The users voting for their favorites should not forget that the destiny of "Miss Insta Asia" participants depends on them. You should vote actively and then it may happen that the girl you voted for will become Miss Insta Asia!

The contest Administration wishes all participants and their supporters great achievements in the coming 2010 year!

Posted by: IFX Katerine Mar 1 2010, 06:38 PM

Miss Insta Asia continues to gain in strength
Almost half a year has passed since the moment InstaForex Company had announced the beginning of the beauty contest "Miss Insta Asia" which is beyond the compare. And now we proudly state that more than 100 women, presenting different parts of the world, have registered in the competition for the title of the most beautiful client of the company.

We know how it's difficult to trade on Forex for women, how it's hard to compete head-to-head with men, but in spite of this, women rapidly and purposefully win the leading positions at the financial markets, and the beauty contest "Miss Insta Asia" - one more splendid opportunity to make yourself known as successful female trader.

Our wonderful participants honorably represent their countries: most part of girls is from Russia, the second place is taken by the beauties from Malaysia, there are many participants from Kazakhstan, Latvia, Indonesia, India, Albany, Bolivia. However, the geography of the contest is so wide that women from Ireland and even Canada also take place in it. There is also no unity in age of victory contenders, because the youngest participant is 18, and the most mature woman is 59.

Concerning the current rating and balance of strength, at present moment the highest chances to win the crown "Miss Insta Asia" are belong to the parttaker from Russia, Latvian girl loses by a neck and, participant from Russia, closes the group of three leaders. But no one girl has her rivals at the vantage, so the situation can change any time.

You still have a chance to compete for the prize fund in amount of 30000 USD, do not lose the opportunity and in this fascinating beauty contest!

Posted by: dorin Mar 18 2010, 02:13 PM

hello. i registered in miss insta contest, but my pictures not update sad.gif

Posted by: IFX Anna Mar 18 2010, 02:21 PM

Dear dorin,
Please, let me know your nickname or e-mail you used for registration in the contest.

Posted by: dorin Mar 18 2010, 02:22 PM

miss anna, please help me! i send my login to your pm.

Posted by: IFX Anna Mar 18 2010, 02:37 PM

Unfortunately, your pictures are of bad quality, that's why they were not approved by the administration. Please, upload pictures of better quality. Wish you good luck in the contest!

Posted by: IFX Katerine May 4 2010, 04:51 PM

Destiny of Miss Insta Asia is in your hands!
It is only four months left until we all know the name of winner in the beauty contest Miss Insta Asia. From day to day the number of participants is growing and interest to the contest on the part of male part of InstaForex clients is constantly rising.

However, we have to say that there are many participants who deserve your attention and votes. They still have hurtful 0 in their rating though they merit the prize and the title Miss Insta Asia not less than our current leaders. (Russia)

Evgeniya designated in her profile that she was fond of esoteric. However, in our contest she can rely only on your support: magic is powerless here. (Russia)

When we first received her request for participation we thought that Angelina Jolie herself decided to take part in this contest. It is a joke, but Elena does look like a Hollywood star. (Russia)

She is a student, she goes in for sports and she is real beauty. She lives in China for one year and learns that complicated language. And how wonderful she plays the piano! (Malaysia)

This Malaysian beauty is a real example of pure Asian model, she thinks of herself as of happy and lucky girl. She is waiting for your votes! (Russia)

True eastern belle! Albina was born in Kyrgyzstan and now lives in Kazan and wish to meet her friends back home. Vote for Albine, help her wish to come true! (Malaysia)

Very nice young lady from Malaysia. She thinks that internal beauty is much more important than appearance. She wishes everybody love and peace. Doesn’t she deserve your support? (Россия)

Real patriot and sportswoman, and moreover, Maria writes poetry and prose. And such many-sided girl hasn’t received any vote. (Malaysia)

Saraswathy is not just a beautiful woman but she is also a champion in her country. This brave girl was playing 9 different characters in a play during 5 hours. And at near time she plans to break the world record. (Russia)

Cheerful Evgeniya from the lovely city Yaroslavl loves Russia and believes in her victory in our contest, she needs your support. (Russia)

Unfortunately, Julia is not talkative, in her profile she just designated her form of activity – psychologist. But applying to the photos she uploaded we could make a conclusion that Julia is gentle and at the same time daring young woman.

It is no longer full list of Miss Insta Asia contest participants who have not felt your support yet. Many crown pretenders still need your votes and warm words. Don’t let these beautiful flowers fade, vote for the participant you like!

Posted by: IFX Katie Jun 10 2010, 08:53 AM

Miss Insta Asia: the countdown has begun!
Very soon, we will know the name of the most beautiful participant of the beauty contest by InstaForex Company. Within three months, one of the girls will try the crown on and will wear the title "Miss Insta Asia" proudly.

As it is known, the participants of our contest represent different countries of the world, the Russian girls are very active, the Malaysian participants are the second, and many impressive beauties represent Kazakhstan, Indonesia and India. However, today we want to tell you about the brave girls who have decided to compete for their countries all by themselves. from Bolivia
Hot Latin American blood makes Cice creative personality. She wrote in her application form that she is a writer, actress, scriptwriter, director, producer. She is interested in philosophy and hypnosis, has acted in several advertising videos. from Canada
Tyneil is a student and jewelry designer from Toronto. All her life she has been dreaming to be an actress or model and she hopes that our contest will be a good step on the way to her goals achievement. This courageous and self-sufficient girl aims to a victory as the Canadian hockey player drives puck to the goals! represents Liberia
The bright participant Beatrice was born in a small African country Liberia. When she was a child, she moved with her family to the USA. However, good memory about her warm and sunny homeland made her to take part in our contest. from Iran
Unfortunately, Faeghe did not write any additional information about herself, but it should be said that apart from that she is the only one who represents Iran in our contest, she is the oldest participant that does not obstruct her to compete with younger contestants, Faeghe is ranked among thirty the most beautiful girls of our contest. from Philippines
Philippines representative Jacklyn is not just a beautiful girl, but also a very kind person. That is why she has gone up to the Medical University, and now she hopes that she will pass exams and in the nearest future she will be able to save people lives. from Singapore
On Forex market Grace can give a handicap to any man. She represents the large financial center Singapore in our contest and says that she is a real trader, she is afire with passion for trading on Forex. Besides, Grace has written that a sunny smile will help her to win in this contest. from Ireland
Alla represents Emerald Isle Ireland in the contest. She says, she likes sunsets, tiny kittens and all our immense and boundless planet. Besides, she is a fan of Hawaiian culture, especially of traditionqal Hawaiian dance hula. Alla thinks, that cheerfulness and belief in good luck will bring her a victory.

These beautiful girls assumed the huge responsibility to represent their countries in the beauty contest Miss Insta Asia. They and all other participants need in your support and votes as never before. It is three months left ahead this unique campaign ending and all girls want to win such a pleasant title. Visit and vote for the girl you like!!/group.php?gid=142690551230&ref=ts

Posted by: IFX Katerine Sep 30 2010, 04:59 PM

Conquer the world with the power of your beauty in Miss Insta Asia contest!

On October 1 a new annual beauty contest Miss Insta Asia 2011 took its rise Miss
We inform all InstaForex clients about the second season start up of Miss Insta Asia 2011 beauty contest which is to be held from October 01, 2010 up to October 01, 2011. A decision to extend the contest to 2011 and make it an annual competition was taken by the Contests and Campaigns Administration of InstaForex Company during the first season running due to the following factors: a great number of participants - over 500 ladies from all around the world; high traffic ranking - more than 100 000 one-shot entries to the official contest website; interest from mass media and other Internet-projects. Moreover, the prize pool of the second contest stage of Miss Insta Asia 2011 is advanced by 5000 dollars totaling to 35000 dollars.

Miss Insta Asia contest has become a real hit in the entertainment projects field within the global net in 2010. It is confirmed by the website traffic rate and the activity of part takers and website users. Thus, for instance, the participants and contest observers have created a great many of groups in different social networks, blogs and microblogs.

Regardless of the title, the contest territorial boundaries were far away from the Asian continent on the first days of the contest. The contest participants were representatives of 46 world countries - from Malaysia and India to the USA and Canada. Moreover, the contest website brings to your attention the profiles of beautiful ladies from Australia, Jamaica, Peru and even Yemen.

The First Stage Results of Miss Insta Asia 2010 Contest
At the beginning of September 2010 the Contests and Campaigns Administration summarized the totals of the annual beauty competition Miss Insta Asia and due to the users votes 3 winners of the first season were determined who shared the prize amount of 30 000 USD.

In a keen fight at the final straight a solid victory and the title of Miss Insta Asia 2010 were granted to Irina Mitina from Ukraine, her rating reached 8263 points. The second place was taken by the favorite participant of the first season 2010 - Ilana Lupach from Latvia with the rating of 5630. The third place belongs to a representative from Malaysia Nor Haphidge with the rating of 4662 who exceeded the fourth place winner just by 202 points.

Find the detailed results of the first contest season Miss Insta Asia 2010 on the

Familiarize yourself with the second stage rules of the campaign on the page “” of the official contest website.

Find out how the participants who did not reach the prize places are put to the second season from the first one in the “” section.

Posted by: DarrellBresnahan Dec 18 2010, 07:54 AM

QUOTE (dorin @ Nov 13 2009, 06:17 PM) *
there so many nice girls already.. i afraid, i have small chances to win. and their rating is also high already..
please, advice.. if i can register laugh.gif

Don't think about the rating of girls, you should do registration first and put your best i am sure that you will definitely win this beauty contest..

Posted by: IFX Yana Dec 20 2010, 09:42 AM

Over 200 girls from all over the world took part in InstaForex beauty contest!
Miss Insta Asia 2011 arranged by InstaForex Company is getting more and more popular. The website registration page has welcomed more than 200 contestants already. The exclusive contest is increasingly popular: it attracts attention of girls from not only Asian countries, but many more. It comes as no surprise, taking into account that the winner and the five Vice-Miss are to share a prize fund of USD 35 000 autumn 2011.

If you are over 18 years old, and feel excited about participating in the contest, the only thing you need to do is registering and filling in an application form. And remember to provide at least three photographs of you.

Winners are determined by transparent and honest online voting by the website visitors. It should me mentioned that the clients of InstaForex Company enjoy a priviledge to influence upon the contest results. For further information, please, visit

We will be glad to welcome self-confident girls struggling for Miss Insta Asia title as well as users who want to vote for some attractive participant on the official website of

Posted by: IFX Kseniya Mar 21 2011, 05:45 PM

Find the Most Gorgeous Forex-Ladies in Miss Insta Asia Contest!
Special for contest participants and their active fans the specialists of the international InstaForex broker have designed the inscribed widgets which can be downloaded on the official website of the contest Each of 4 widgets presents the participant's photo in the contest list in some color scheme and meant for placing in forums and blogs.

Ladies all over the world take part in the intriguing contest Miss Insta Asia. More than 300 women have already become the contest partakers from different parts of the world: from Indonesia to Latvia. Who will get the grand prize - it will be decided by users voting for their favorites on the website. Amid a high competitiveness every vote is essential. Free widget with the contest photos will certainly attract the users' attention of the chosen resource and help to advance the participants' rating.

For installing the blog widget on the forum for supporting one of beautiful ladies it is necessary to enter the profile page of the girl you liked and push the button "Create Widget". Further it is required to select the type of widget depending on the resource allocation (forum or blog), and also color decoration of the widget, afterwards a final widget is created. The appeared code of your widget can be placed in the web-resource.

Closer to Victory with InstaForex Widget!

Posted by: IFX Alexandra Jul 7 2011, 01:47 PM

Miss Insta Asia: Over 400 Beauties from All Around The World, Become One of Them!
On the by InstaForex Company over 400 ladies have already registered and this number moves well along towards half of thousand. The contest gathers pace involving more and more visitors: day by day the number of beautiful participants increases, there are new photographs and comments to them, so the situation stretches. And although, the contest competitor Victoria from Kishinev is gaining the lead presently among her rivals, everything can change at any moment, as we are to see the months of fight for title Miss InstaForex Asia 2011 ahead.

The second season of Miss Insta Asia moves on as one of the most popular online beauty contests in the global net. It is no wonder as the most gorgeous women from different countries of the world from Malaysia to Great Britain take part in this exciting competition. Who will finally reach the top - the title of Miss InstaForex Asia 2011 and 20 000 USD - it will be determined by users voting for their favorites on the website. The photos of beautiful ladies will be submitted to users for deciding fates of Miss Insta Asia contest competitors. The prize fund of Miss Insta Asia amounting to 35 000 USD will be shared among 6 the most beautiful girls in early autumn, according to users' opinion.

Those who would like to try their fortune still have time, as for joining the contest it is required to accomplish a, fill in the application form and submit at least 3 the best photo shots. The experience of competition running approves that position in the contest rating shifts weekly, in such a way, even a newcomer has all chances of winning.

To join or to vote for one of belles visit the official contest website

Cast a vote and probably, the main prize will reach that girl you root for!

Posted by: IFX Alexandra Sep 9 2011, 02:49 PM

Dear ladies,

Today is a special day for you. Poets have celebrated the beauty for ages. But for women, who else could be called the quintessence of everything beautiful in the world? Dear ladies, the International Beauty Day is entirely your day!

In all parts of the world September 9 is a traditional day for beauty contests attracting the most beautiful women and offering them a chance to win a title of the beauty queen. InstaForex Company convenes beauty contests among women traders for second year already. Don’t miss this opportunity, register and take part in our contest!

Beauty and health are two essential elements of our life that cannot be left one without the other. Health is the seal of beauty. Dear ladies, may health, beauty and luck be with you! May your face always light up with happiness, and may good cheer always come with you! May your inner beauty always be seen in your eyes! We wish you always strive for excellence and express your personality! Your all are beautiful, you all are the best!

Posted by: IFX Katerine Sep 30 2011, 04:57 PM

Join beauty and grace celebration with InstaForex!
The international broker InstaForex is happy to announce the start of a new third season of Miss Insta Asia 2012 beauty contest! The new period of a unique contest, finishing on October 1, 2012, will enroll even more ladies from all over the world. Thus, six most fabulous girls, according to the open Internet voting, will enjoy victory and share the prize pool of 40,000 U.S. dollars.

Furthermore, the destiny of contest members depends only on the votes of visitors, who assess photos and videos of the beauties. The customers of InstaForex have a privileged status, as their votes' value depends on their accounts' balance.

On the official website of the contest one can register in the beauty rally as well as vote for one of the gorgeous women. Please, vote! And it may happen that the girl, who you voted for, will be awarded with the honorable title Miss Insta Asia 2012, plus the main prize of 20,000 U.S. dollars!

Posted by: IFX Yana Oct 18 2011, 04:31 PM

Meet the winners of the Miss Insta Asia 2011 contest!
The annual marathon of beauty and grace which has inspired traders for the whole year came to its end. Six most beautiful participants of the Miss Insta Asia 2011 contest were selected by the Internet voting at the official cite of the contest.

After a tough struggle for the beauty queen crown, the title of Miss Insta Asia 2011 was given to Kristina Onika with 52397 rating! She is followed far behind by Tatyana Daineko (6612), Jumatul Zahra (5753), Maria Klimova (2880), Elizaveta Vaisberg (1270) and Sofia Persitskaya (1020). 35 000 USD worth prize fund of the Miss Insta Asia 2011 contest will be shared by the winners as follows:

Kristina Onika - Miss Insta Asia 2011, 20 000 USD prize

Tatyana Daineko - Forex Lady, 3000 USD prize

Jumatul Zahra - Miss Asia Enigma, 3000 USD prize

Maria Klimova - Miss Top Comment, 3000 USD prize

Elizaveta Vaisberg - Miss Sporty, 3000 USD prize

Sofia Persitskaya - Miss Bikini, 3000 USD prize

InstaForex Contests and Campaigns administration congratulates the winners and wishes them remain beautiful, mysterious and charming forever!

The solemn ceremony of Miss Insta Asia 2011 will take place on November 11-12 within the Moscow Finance and Investment EXPO 2011 ShowFX World project. The winners of the contest will be given awards and bonus certificates to their trading accounts at the ceremony.

The second stage of the contest was marked by more than 500 participants in more than 40 countries: from Indonesia, Malaysia and the Philippines to Island, the United Kingdom and the United States, and from Russia, Ukraine and Latvia to Iran, Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan. This was a whole year of thousands of lively, creative, distinguished and amazing pictures posted on the contest site. It has captured attention of hundreds of thousands Internet users and became a real spotlight!

To learn more about results of Miss Insta Asia 2011 and its winners, go to

Join us and feel the force of the beauty!

Posted by: IFX Kerstin Sep 17 2012, 02:59 AM

Meet the winners!
Another week of contests held by InstaForex is over so we congratulate the winners! The competitions become much stiffer each week with participants having a great desire for victory. We are pleased that our contests attract traders from all over the world and make their trading profitable and exciting pastime!

Let's have a look at the results.

FX-1 Rally
The contest track of this week was difficult, but FX-1 Rally racers managed to overcome the obstacles and reach the finish. Valeriy Pugach from Ukraine has become the one who got ahead of the other participants. Congratulations to Mr Pugach! If you like high-speed trading, you are welcome to show yourself during the next step of the contest. FX-1 Rally starts at 00:00 and finishes at 23:59 (GMT+3) on September 21, 2012. We remind that the is over one hour before the contest begins.

InstaForex Sniper
InstaForex Sniper held every week is one of the most favorite contests among our customer’s demo accounts. Not everyone has managed to hit the bull's eye, but there are some sharpshooters on Forex market. This time Vergil Jay Aglipa from Philippines has been the best one. Take part in InstaForex Sniper and win too! You are welcome to for the contest, which will take place within the week of September 24-28, 2012.

One Million Option
InstaForex Company offers a wide choice of contests that will appeal to everyone's taste. So this particular contest was developed for traders who like options trading. It is an opportunity to train useful skills and win $1500! This week the prize went to Andry Gunawan from Indonesia. You have the chance to win too, but during the of the contest. It will be held from September 24, 2012, to September 28, 2012.

Trade Wise, Win Device
One of the most popular campaigns by InstaForex has its prizewinner this week! GalaxyTab goes to Vadim Myasoedov! If you want to get cutting-edge gadgets, such as iPad, iPhone, Blackberry or Samsung Galaxy Tab, make sure to for the next step of the campaign. You have a matchless opportunity to win from September 16, 2012, until September 28, 2012. Play and win with InstaForex!

Posted by: IFX Kerstin Oct 3 2012, 04:13 AM

Join the world of beauty with InstaForex!

InstaForex Company is happy to announce the beginning of the new fourth season of beauty contest! The unique campaign, which will start on October 1, 2012, welcomes even more ladies from different parts of the world. In October, 2013, six most gorgeous ladies will enjoy the victory and share the prize pool of $40,000 at the end of open Internet voting.

The destiny of the beauties depends only on the votes of visitors, who assess their photos and portfolios. InstaForex clients are privileged to influence ladies' rating as their votes’ value is proportional to their accounts' balance.

You can register for Miss Insta Asia 2013 or vote for the ladies on official website

Take part in the contest and maybe you will be lucky to get the title of Miss Insta Asia 2013 and the grand prize of $20,000!

Posted by: IFX Kerstin Oct 16 2012, 04:32 AM

Miss Insta Asia 2012 Results
The third round of, the unique beauty contest, came to its close on October 1. During a year people were visiting the official Miss Insta Asia website to vote for gorgeous contest participants and leaving comments on the pages with their videos, photos and profiles.

On the basis of the rating results, six winners were determined. The title of Miss InstaAsia 2012 went to Yekaterina Nagornaya! We sincerely congratulate the beauty queen and five other finalists on the glorious victory! And, ladies, keep on inspiring traders with your gracious elegance.

The gorgeous Miss Insta Asia 2012 winners shared the contest prize pool of $40,000:
Miss Insta Asia: Yekaterina Nagornaya; Chernigov, Ukraine - $20,000;
Forex Lady: Marina Zhabina; Khabarovsk, Russia - $8,000;
Miss Posh: Yana Shiyka; Kharkov, Ukraine - $3,000;
Miss Creativity: Natalya Gorelova; Sevastopol, Ukraine - $3,000;
Miss Smile: Francesca Ferretti; Sha Tin, Hong Kong - $3,000 ;
Miss Spice: Tatyana Malakhova; Vladimir-Volynskiy, Ukraine - $3,000.

The awards ceremony where the winners will be handed in account bonus certificates will be held at the annual ShowFx World financial exposition in Kiev on November 17-18, 2012.

The third round of the beauty contest gained popularity among Internet users from all over the world. Over 700 beauties from more than 50 countries of the world partook in the beauty contest. Several thousands of photos and videos were uploaded to the beauty contest website, and about 5,000 people voted for the girls.

Learn more about Miss Insta Asia 2012 results and finalists on the

Miss Insta Asia 2013 has already started! Be sure to take part in it!

Posted by: IFX Yvonne Sep 10 2014, 10:45 AM

Miss Insta Asia 2014: less than one month left before finish, the unrivalled InstaForex’ project, has nearly approached the final stage. We would like to remind you that scores of the fifth season competition will be announced within 14 days after the challenge is officially completed. Despite the upcoming finish, absolutely any contestant has an even chance of winning the new Insta Asia title. Indeed, ranks might change any minute due to fierce competition and vigorous voting.

Please, be aware that in recent months, ranks have shuffled greatly and new contestants have moved to the forefront. Currently, Natalia Pototskaya from Ukraine is holding firmly the leadership having gained over 6,000 scores. Olga Lazepnikova is ranked second followed by Tatyana Zaharchenko with a narrow margin. As a result of open online voting, the contest administration is about to determine five winners who will share the nominations and prize pool of $45,000.

So, less than one month is left at our disposal. Each contestant is capable to make an impact on a voting outcome. How to increase your chances to win? Update your profile with new photos and try to do your best to get as many scores as possible. Besides, traders holding an account with InstaForex can also affect current voting and reorder ranks. According to the rules, their vote is crucial.

Please, do not waste your precious time! Hurry up to support your favorite girl! Who deserves the crown and the Forex Queen title? The mystery will be unveiled in just a three weeks as the long-awaited final of is around the corner.

Posted by: IFX Yvonne Oct 2 2014, 08:31 AM

Beauty contest Miss Insta Asia 2015
InstaForex is glad to announce the start of the sixth annual The new season will start on October 1, 2014. This date was chosen not accidentally. Throughout the history of the competition, this date was crucial for contestants as results of Miss Insta Asia were summed up. The extraordinary and fascinating online contest Miss Insta Asia became even more popular during its existence. Participants from all over the globe declare their elegance, beauty and grace. Connoisseurs of beauty will see even more charming ladies from different countries: Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Iceland, the UK, the US, Russia, Ukraine, Latvia, Iran, India, and China. Dive into the world of beauty. Vote for one or several contestants you like most! The format, terms and rules of the online beauty contest are the same. The victory and prize pool of $45,000 will be shared between Miss Insta Asia, two Vice Misses, Forex Lady, and Insta Choice. The most beautiful ladies will be determined by the results of an open online voting. Note that InstaForex traders have a privileged vote. Maybe it will be you to determine the distribution of places for the most gorgeous contestants of Miss Insta Asia 2015.

If you want to take part in the sixth season of the contest and jostle for the title of Miss Insta Asia 2015 or if you want to influence the current rating of the contestants, please visit this

Stunning victory with InstaForex!

Posted by: IFX Yvonne Oct 7 2015, 07:06 AM

Miss Insta Asia 2016 beauty contest

InstaForex is pleased to announce the beginning of the VII annual Miss Insta Asia 2016 online beauty contest. Registration for each season starts October 1 and finishes September 1 next year. The registration procedure takes only a few minutes. You need to fill in a standard registration form, upload three of your favourite photos, and tell a few words about yourself.

The prize pool of 45,000 USD will be distributed among Miss Insta Asia, two runner-ups, and two winners in special Forex Lady and Insta Choice nominations.
The winners of Miss Insta Asia 2016 will be determined by an open internet voting on official website of the contest. It is also possible to vote for your favorite participant in social networks. For example, there are extra mini-contests among participants on the Instagram contest profile which can also bring prizes and additional scores to the main rating.

Please be aware that InstaForex traders are entitled to privileged voting.

Take part in the voting, and maybe your vote will determine the results of the prominent online event.

If you decided to go for the title of Miss Insta Asia 2016 or make a difference to the ratings of participants, please visit our official website

Experience the glory of victories with InstaForex!

Posted by: IFX Yvonne Oct 12 2015, 04:44 AM

It is time to introduce winners of Miss Insta Asia 2015

The long-lasting and fierce competition for the beauty queen crown in Miss Insta Asia 2015 has come to an end. The jury consisted of visitors of the official contest website and also InstaForex clients who had a privileged vote. The open online voting determined the most charming contestants who deserved the five winning titles. Please be aware that from now on, it is possible to vote for your favorite participants in social media, in particular Instagram.

According to the fair voting, Darya Turayeva was rewarded the crown and title of Miss Insta Asia 2015. On the whole, the jury decided on the following winning places:

1 prize: Darya Turayeva, $20,000
2 prize: Ekaterina Starkova, $10,000
3 prize: Elena Sandulyak, $5,000

Besides, Adriána Janisková was recognized the best in the special category Miss Insta Choice and Ekaterina Rogozhina is to receive the Forex Lady prize. The girls will be awarded $5,000 each.

The sixth season of the Miss Insta Asia beauty contest would not be complete without a grand award ceremony where our beautiful winners will be presented with the generous prizes. The ceremony will take place as part of annual InstaForex Fourth conference in Moscow on October 31.
InstaForex congratulates the girls on the stunning victory and reminds you that the next season of the unique beauty contest kicked off on October 1. The prize pool totals $45,000 like in the previous season.

If you aspire to win the Miss Insta Asia 2016 title or you want to influence ratings of participants by your vote, welcome to the official

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Miss Insta Asia 2015 winners awarded

The award ceremony for winners of the online beauty contest Miss Insta Asia 2015 took place at the VI annual InstaForex conference in Moscow on October 31.

According to the results of the online voting, podium places were shared as follows:

Darya Turaeva (Russia), USD 20,000 – 1
Ekaterina Starkova (Russia), USD 10,000 – 2
Elena Sandulyak (Ukraine), USD 5,000 – 3

In addition, two more contestants were traditionally awarded the special titles receiving a certificate for USD 5,000 each. Gorgeous Adriána Janisková who came from Slovakia took the Insta Choice title, and charming Ekaterina Rogozhina from Ukraine became the Forex Lady.

The festive award ceremony perfectly lightened the business atmosphere of the Forex conference attracting a crowd of spectators. Both guests and participants loudly applauded the winners who were the highlights of the evening.
The InstaForex team congratulates the ladies on their winning once again and reminds its clients that the next season of the beauty contest, Miss Insta Asia 2016, has already kicked off. The prize pool of the current stage is worth USD 45,000.

Visit for more information, including colorful pictures of the award ceremony, the latest updates, photographic coverage of the contest, and interviews with the winners.

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Let’s cheer winners of Miss Insta Asia 2016

We would like to share long-awaited news with you. We are ready to unveil the names of ladies who won the popular online beauty contest, Miss Insta Asia 2016. The jury consisted of users of the official Miss Insta Asia website, Instagram subscribers, and InstaForex clients with the right of a privileged vote. So the most charming contestants have been already determined.

Anna Gementchuk obtained the largest number of votes and was awarded the title of Miss Insta Asia 2016. Podium places and generous prizes were shared among these stunning girls from different countries:

1st place – Anna Gementchuk, USD 20,000

2nd place – Olga Ptitsyna, USD 10,000

3d place – Liliya Berezhnaya, USD 5,000

Besides, the jury decided to award two beauties in special categories, Insta Choice and Forex Lady. Alexandra Dreithaler and Olga Lysa were recognized as the best and won USD 5,000 each.

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