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10 Errors that do not allow, PERRY ST NORTH
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post Apr 26 2016, 05:36 PM
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1. Trading in the Market Opening
In the first minutes of trading, the market usually wildly jerks or just flies off sharply somewhere (up or down). Experienced market participants sometimes try to use their knowledge to predict in the first minute, where he was about to go on the market movement. But for a novice trader this possibility is excluded - you will always let you down emotions.
2. The haste in withdrawing profits
You bought the stock, it went through a couple of days you looked, how much money is earned - and happily closed position. And this movement, as it will become clear, was only the beginning of a powerful uptrend, so if you're not in a hurry, you could earn 10 times more. Use orders take-profit (profit taking) only in exceptional cases - when seen obvious resistance level. Usually, it is better to leave the market on a rolling level limit losses (stop-loss).
3. Adding to a losing position
And this is an opposite example: you bought, and the price has gone down. You stubbornly saying "still grow, I just hurried to open a position" - and adds more buying.
Comprar Kamagra jelly And the price goes down further, simply doubling your losses. Remember: You can only add to a profitable position.
4. Closing of positions ranging from the best
When you have multiple purchases, and the price starts to go down, you often instinctively try to lock in profits at first, and only then close the trading Comprar Cialis position (or leave it to the execution of the order stop loss). This is a wrong tactic if the whole market went down, it is likely that soon the rest will fall those who behaved worse and before - and after them, and then you have a loss; therefore, this position must be closed first. A shares, which grew, and now are likely to be reluctant to fall, and in case the market turns again go up - so do not rush to close a profitable position.
5. Revenge
Typical for the beginner zamorochka: just closed a losing position - and he excitedly rushes back into the market to take revenge on him for the offense. The result will be just the new loss - why not return to the market after a "loss of fishing." Relax a little.
6. The presence of a particularly preferred position
Come to their positions wisely: do not harbor much sympathy, for example, to those of them where you bought on the very bottom - usually such transactions constitute a source of pride for each trader. It is clear that you are bursting with self-respect - but look, do not bring such a brilliant position to zero or even unprofitable. Get real!
7. Trading on a "bought forever"
You worked in a relatively short period of time, bought the stock, and suddenly she was carried away up with terrible force. Then you say
to yourself, "yeah, I caught the beginning of the long-term uptrend," - and hung this position "forever." But that does Comprar Kamagra not happen: either you basically go to a much longer evaluation period, or in compliance with its standard rules with his usual short period. The rules, which will make you even in the case of really powerful trend move several times to enter and exit the market. Do not marry their position!
8. Closure of profitable strategic position on the first day
On the contrary, if you do not trade intraday, then opening any serious position, do not close it on the first day under any circumstances. Even if the price flew up very far - be patient, it will be even higher tomorrow.
9. Closing of the position at a signal for opening the opposite position
Many trade system of continuous presence in the market. That is, such systems are always "in position": for them, Comprar Levita closing the long position is open a short. Using such systems can, but must be closed before: the close signal must be more stringent than the signal to open the opposite position.
10. "Somnenchivost"
You can not sell if you do not believe in its previous assessment of the situation. Told myself "I was plagued by vague doubts", you need to quickly close all their positions and re-analyze the situation. Or take a walk - the last advice is relevant at all in all severe cases. It helps against all ills - try it yourself!
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